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Unintech GmbH

Arab Health 2022 - Dubai

Company Description

unintech GmbH
is a medical technology company, a manufacturer of surgical related medical devices and a service provider dedicated to academic promotion of spinal endoscopy technology. Through continuous academic activities, technical training, and cadaver programs, we innovate and improve surgical techniques, and provide distinguished minimally invasive surgical treatment to patients with preeminent technical support for the majority of professionals.
Unintech – Focusing in all Aspects

The company is focusing on spinal endoscopy and endoscopic assisted fusion. We have developed our endoscopic systems together with experienced spine surgeons who are very familiar with endoscopy and who have given us their professional evaluation on products, methods, and implementation. Sustainable innovations are more than just good ideas. Only when the new products and services are successfully established and widely used by the market is innovation success for us.
Our international team - with partners in China and Europe - has more than 10 years of experience in this complex and challenging medical field. We attach great importance to the quality and safety of the products as well as to the training of the partners and the surgeons. We accompany you in all phases of the introduction of the new method, from planning to successful application as well as the necessary training. 

Since our establishment in 2019, our company has focused on the development and production of instruments, endoscopes and devices for the field of endoscopic spine surgery. Since time immemorial, Asia and especially China has originated renowned and produced masterpieces in architecture, science and technology. unintech ties in with this age-long tradition. However, more than 85% of the precision instrument components are designed and produced in Germany.

We aim high
The requirements of our customers have consistently been a priority in our product development program.The challenge continues for us to meet the varied demands of the 21st Century, and to contribute to the progress of endoscopic spine surgery. The production of quality medical equipment is stringently regulated with a view to long term operational safety and reliability. The unique development capabilities of unintech are also substantiated by the company´s portfolio of patents registered.

Focused on Growth
Minimally invasive spine surgery in China and Southeast Asia has increased dramatically with local economic growth during the last decade. Future market expansion is expected in Europe, North America, Latin America and the Middle East. unintech products are supported by company qualified Engineers. Each product specialist can provide on-site consultations to consumers and distributors.

unintech learns of emerging global market trends through close communication with Surgeons, Universities, Hospitals, Distributors and at trade exhibitions. Focusing on growth for us means being there to help you on focusing on endoscopic spine surgery.

Global environment
unintech believes that respecting the environment is one of the inherent in corporate activities. The company complies with requirements of DIN standards and has declared domestically and internationally that it will continue to develop and maintain environment orientated management. The 21st Century has been declared the age of the environment, and it has become standard practice world-wide to access corporate value in accordance with efforts in reducing burdens to the environment. Unintech GmbH is certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485: 2016 and Directive 93/42/EWG. Certification according to MDR (2017/745) is in progress.

The unintech Concept
Now - after more than 20 years of worldwide experience on endoscopic spine surgery - unintech sets standards. Based on existing endoscopic procedures, unintech works closely with spine surgeons to further develop instruments and surgical methods for continuous improvement.

Our surgical methods follow the Open-Surgery Concept

  • Follow the guidelines
  • Work from outside to the inside
  • Find the bony structures & orient yourself


Our techniques are characterized by

  • Tube-in-Tube-Technique
  • Transforaminal foraminotomy under endoscopic view and guidance
  • Interlaminar Fenestration under endoscopic view and guidance
  • Endoscopic guided lumbar interbody fusion - TLIF and PLIF

Education is the Key
unintech supports you in learning and applying endoscopic techniques through a multi-level training concept. 
The units are suitable for spine surgeons with and without endoscopic experience.
The target groups are physicians, medical staffs and partners.

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Our Team
  • Michael Roberz
  • Monika Gensert

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